The future of solutions for lienlords is here


Our AI infused “Big Bank” rivaling app experience for your seller financed borrowers will ensure that existing and aspiring lienlords get the most out of their portfolio.


Onboard with a one time fee of $499

 +2.5% fee per payment


Offer your borrower the best experience

With HonestDeed, your borrower will easily manage their loan arrangement with you using our beautifully designed native app to:

  • View auto-generated monthly statements & make payments
  • View auto-generated annual interest statements
  • Monitor and pay property taxes
  • Official tools to communicate with you
  • Access lender incentives for good borrower behavior

Convert your future payments into cash

Empower your borrowers with HonestDeed’s native app to automatically gather payer data and identify the best opportunities for selling off your individual payments. Our solution automatically prepares your note for liquidity and maximizes the value of your future payments, while avoiding unjustified discounting that can eat away at your returns.

Leinlord Exit with Vetted Buyers

Looking for a way to exit your note position? Look no further than HonestDeed’s self-servicing solution. With a simple flip of a switch, you’ll notify over 4,000 note buyers and assign it without ever disrupting your borrower’s experience. By managing your borrowers loan through our platform, buyers have confidence in reducing risk with HonestDeed’s verifiable payer data. Simplify your management process and protect the value of your note with HonestDeed.


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