Access homeownership without a traditional mortgage.

Many entrepreneurs, small business owners, freelancers, and contractors are left with little financing options when it comes to purchasing a home, even when you have the funds and income.  

With HonestDeed’s safe and secure seller financing platform, the seller provides the loan directly to you. This means there is no involvement from the bank – removing their rigid process and putting you in your home quicker.

 Get more benefits and perks with HonestDeed


Negotiable down payment, interest rate, and term


Apply and close digitally in days, not months.

Build Equity Faster

Start to pay more principal first and interst later.


Earn interest only payments for making consistent on-time payments


Access your home’s equity with no payments or interest


One-on-one customer support to answer all your questions

HonestDeed is committed to keeping you safe and protected throughout process and agreement.

We have worked to implement a range of safety and protection measures:

  • Vet the seller with an ID verification check
  • Review and approves all home listings before they make it onto our platform
  • The agreement is structured towards you and the seller. It is standardized and developed by a third-party attorney hired by HonestDeed, keeping the agreement fair and balanced
  • HonestDeed sits on title with you, partnering with you throughout the entire agreement

We have an exclusive guide to walk you through it step-by-step. Just add your information below and have our guide sent directly to you.

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Step 3: Submit your offer with a Realtor or by yourself


Know your home purchasing power

Set your purchase price

Submit your offer to the seller

Step 4: Review & Negotiate


Review seller response

Negotiate seller’s response

Finalize agreement terms

Step 5: Close


Execute Agreements & Close

Receive keys from the seller & move into your home

Enjoy your home and start making payments

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We’ve been working hard building and designing our seller financing solution . We’re currently launching in Texas and can’t wait for you to try it. Sign up below for updates or to get your questions answered.